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Jerking It At The Studio
So we invited some of thr girls over to the studio for a jerking contest. They had to judge which of the guys jerked it the best and how far they could shoot their load. You guys won't want to miss this one cfnm show... Click here to join and see all our videos
Guess The Cock!
Today I had a a couple ladies on the CFNM show and we are going to try to guess the package sizes of some of our lovely young men today. We all have our drawing boards and are going to draw what we think each guy is packing. After we are done doing that we're gonna have each guy jerk off in a different way, see how far they can cum and things of that nature! We're gonna have some fun with our boy toys, so join us!. Click here to join and see all our videos
Sensual Yoga
The girls were out by the water practicing their yoga when they decided it trow a little something intresting to the mix. They got their guy instructors to come by and see who was the most flexible. The girls really had a fun time with them and they guys did everything they were told just like the boys they are. Enjoy best CFNM in the internet! Click here to join and see all our videos
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Surprise In The Fitting Room
So Pepper had this crazy idea. She wanted to get a few guys to jerk off in a fitting room and have a couple unsuspecting women walk in and see if we could get them to stick around for a show. It just so happens that this lady friend of mine owns a clothing store on South Beach. We rounded up a few guys willing to jerk off for a few bucks stuck them in the fitting room and let the ladies walk in. You won't believe what happens next! Click here to join and see all our videos
Penis Toys!
Hola peoples! I've got all these cock toys, and nobody to show them to! I'm hitting the streets to find some ladies that want to put them on our little boy toys today! We've got all kinds of cock rings, some ladies, some boys and we're gonna have a fun time today seeing what goes down! I even got fucked today! whoo hoo!! We love crazy movies with Clothed Females Naked Males! Click here to join and see all our videos
Sex Furniture
Hey guys, this week's show is all about sex furniture. We're going to flip things around and use it on the guys as we all watch!! We pretty much did everything in this episode.. blow jobs, sex, pussy licking, shoving dildos up some of the guys Whips, bondage & chains baby!! CFNM Show Movies RULES!!. Click here to join and see all our videos

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